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Badass Intensive Acting Studios & Hollywood Actor's Showcase Announce Collaboration

Hollywood Actor’s Showcase is one of the most powerful and influential acting schools in the USA and now it’s going international, after over 30 years of helping aspiring actors and celebrities alike in the showbiz capital of the world. The goal is simple. To bring the authentic energy of real Hollywood to Europe so those who can’t make the sometimes impossible journey to America can still receive the same training and education.

Hollywood Actor & Coach Richie Chance on set

There’s only so many acting courses that focus on working in front of a camera. Most schools tend to teach theater techniques – either overtly or implicitly – and even though the craft remains central, it should be evident that film and TV acting requires a slightly different skill set or focus, as it usually has to be more constrained. Movie buffs know that the camera tends to pick up the slightest trace of emotion.

The smallest micro-expression, the least evident subtext, the most layered performance is noticeable on the screen.

In Belgium, Badass PR’s Intensive Acting Courses have long been amongst the few classes that focus on acting in front of a camera exclusively. During the Intensive Acting courses, all of the famous acting techniques pass by – including Adler, Chekhov, Hagen, Meisner, Stanislavski and Strasberg – but the goal remains the same: to eventually forget technique and – in a sense – have the acting become as natural as breathing. Intensive Acting’s own technique, R.E.P.E.A.T., is very much geared towards reflecting on the own performance in hindsight, with acting becoming a procedural skill instead of a more cerebral process.

Since Badass PR’s Dirk Vandereyken – author, coach, editor, PR consultant and therapist – started teaching acting more than a decade ago, he has tried to open up opportunities for his students. Sometimes, he stumbled, at other times his objectives have succeeded, as, over the years, many students have obtained there objectives, whether they be a boost in self-confidence, becoming more sociable or getting the opportunity to act in theater, musical, film or TV productions big and small. One of his most fruitful decisions has proven to be his alliance with the Hollywood Actors’ Studios in Los Angeles ran by Larry, Bobbie and Richie Chance – three of the most famous acting coaches in the biz.

For years now, Badass Intensive Acting Studios has been organizing workshops in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, allowing students to learn from the most prestigious instructors, talent agents and casting directors the City of Angels has on offer. The collaboration with Bobbie Chance’s Hollywood Actors’ Showcase in particular has proven to be one of the most successful. No wonder, as the Chances have been ‘Coaches to the Stars’ for decades now. Some of their students include movie and TV stars like Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson, while celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Anthony Hopkins have graced the Chances’ stage, amidst their own students. Their slogan, ‘Our Actors Work’, isn’t vein posturing, but an actual observation of the state of affairs. Of course, success in finding a job as an actor depends on many different factors – luck and dedication are definitely also involved – but the Chances’ students can definitely say they come as prepared as it gets. From improvisational acting to scene work and intense emotional classes, the lessons cover the entire spectrum of what the world of cinema so desperately needs.

Over the last few years, Badass Intensive Acting Studios has been looking for continuity and with classes starting again in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven, Dirk thinks he has found what he’s been looking for. As of August 2019, he’ll be joining forces with the Chances, adding some of their iconic scenes to his roster. Richie Chance himself will be coming over to Belgium more often, with the next workshop scheduled for November. It will be the first phase of an upcoming series of changes, as Richie and Dirk will be expanding the scope as they go along.

In Belgium, the Chances will work with Badass Intensive Studios (which will now gain the moniker ‘Powered by Hollywood Actor’s Showcase’) exclusively. Students will not only be able to participate at the bi-yearly international workshops at a discount, they will be able to enjoy a lot of extra benefits as well.

To celebrate the occasion, Badass Intensive Acting is offering a 15% discount to anyone joining in August, 2019 and obviously it would be appreciated if you mention this in your media. Please direct any questions, interview demands and suggestions to:

+32 (0)494 38 27 44

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